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How to prepare for Microsoft Fundamentals AZ-900

Last updated on 6 października 2021

Microsoft Fundamentals AZ-900 — An introduction to the world of the Azure cloud from Microsoft and one of the first certifications you will encounter on your way to getting to know Azure better. The learning path for this certification will present you with a very broad range of material — from the theoretical basics of how the cloud works, to managing your company’s budget in Azure.


The best way to get them started is to sign up for training — Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Day: Fundamentals. The training lasts two days, on the one hand you will learn more precisely what range of knowledge will be required on the exam, you will get a light introduction to the topics; and on the other hand you will receive a free voucher for Microsoft Fundamentals AZ-900!

After the training (although a lot of information you will already get from it) it is good to go through the chapters given in the “Learning paths” section, make notes and try to remember as much as possible because some questions on the exam are questions about details such as the level of service availability written in the SLA (Service-Level Agreement) for different types of services. There is enough material to study for 3-4 days after working hours. I strongly recommend giving yourself more time to absorb the knowledge, and not, as in my case, 2 days before and a night’s sleep…

List of materials to learn: Link


The extent of knowledge needed to earn the AZ-900 certification is very well presented in the preparation tracks, and there is no need to study anything more. All the practice exercises for this certification path are done in sandbox, on the task page. Therefore, you do not need a free Azure account at this time. You will need it later if you want to learn all the cloud features on your own, or if you want to prepare for other certifications. Creating an account requires attaching a credit/debit card, so multi-accounts are not an option.


The exam itself consists of closed multiple choice and single choice questions. If you’ve gone through all the Microsoft preparation material, it shouldn’t cause you any problems. You may have more trouble preparing for the certificate if you take it with Pearson VUE:

  • Create an account
  • Install an application that checks if your computer is compatible with their exam tool
  • Install their tool
  • Choose an exam date

On the day of the exam itself, you must prepare your place where You will proceed according to a sizable list of guidelines:

  • The monitors on your desk must have their backs turned towards you
  • There must be nothing with text in sight
  • You must not have your phone within arm’s reach
  • You may not have anything to write on
  • No one may enter the room where you are taking the exam — otherwise you will fail the exam

All of these requirements are verified by photos you must take before and post on the application. And by having the camera and microphone on throughout the exam — which is verified by the exam supervisor who is watching over you.

Certificate Microsoft Fundamentals AZ-900

After successfully passing the exam, you will receive a certificate and badge on the Acclaim website.

You will more or less already know if the next certification and path forward with Microsoft Azure is for you. The knowledge from preparing for this certification will give you a better understanding of Azure and get you started there in simple ways. But if you need more preparation with Azure, choose any of the subsequent paths:

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